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Moreish Puff Vanilla Shakes

Moreish Puff's 100ml Vanilla Shakes Shortfill offers a real, creamy milkshake blend with vanilla flavor. A creamy, smooth inhalation that is followed by a sweet vanilla exhalation. The 120ml shortfill bottle of Moreish Puff shortfill e-liquids has 100ml of incredibly smooth, zero-nicotine e-liquid.

Moreish Puff Vanilla Shakes 100ml Shortfill
Moreish Puff Vanilla Shakes 100ml Shortfill Moreish Puff Vanilla Shakes 100ml Shortfill Moreish Puff Vanilla Shakes 100ml Shortfill Moreish Puff Vanilla Shakes 100ml Shortfill

Moreish Puff Vanilla Shakes 100ml Shortfill

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Moreish Puff Vanilla Shakes | £9.95 online shop | iVape Store UK

Vanilla shake e-liquid is the traditional style of a creamy cool milkshake, mixed with the smooth, one-of-a-kind but mellow flavors of vanilla. A classic, wealthy and creamy imparting excellent sucked thru straws.it arrives to us in a 120ml recyclable short fill bottle with 0mg of nicotine shots.

How long does a 100ml Shortfill last?

It all depends on your e-cigarette equipment and vaping method. A 100ml container normally produces between 20,000 and 30,000 puffs and can be used to refill a vape tank 50 times.

How do you mix 100ml Shortfill?

If you have a 100ml shortfill, 2 x 10ml nicotine shots will yield a 120ml E-Liquid with 3mg of nicotine. You should also examine the VG and PG ratios of your shortfill. If your shortfill has a high VG ratio, utilize a nicotine shot that is 70% or even 100% VG.

How long should 100 ml of vape juice last?

If you utilize a mouth-to-lung vaping setup and purchase a 100 ml bottle of e-liquid, you may anticipate the bottle to last about a month, if not longer. A 100 mL bottle of vape juice will last around a week if you use a direct-to-lung tank.

Vanilla Shakes Short fill is a time period that is usually used in the vaping industry. A short fill is a large bottle of e-liquid that is now not crammed to its most capacity, leaving room for the addition of a nicotine shot. This approves vapers to customize the nicotine energy of their e-liquids.

Vanilla Shakes is a famous taste of E-liquid that is designed to style like a vanilla milkshake. It usually incorporates a combination of candy vanilla flavoring and creamy milk flavoring, giving vapers a clean and pleasant vaping experience. When blended with a nicotine shot, Vanilla Shakes Short fill can grant vapers with a scrumptious and pleasurable vaping experience.

Moreish Puff Vanilla Shakes 100ml Specifications:

1 Size: 100ml of E-Liquid in a 120ml Short fill Bottle
2 Nicotine Strength 0mg
3 Nicotine Booster Shots Room for Two 10ml
4 VG / PG 70% VG / 30% PG
5 Designed for Sub Ohm Vaping
6 Made in the UK
7 Recyclable Bottle
8 Childproof Cap
9 Tamper Evident Seal

Moreish Puff Vanilla Shakes reviews

1 Customer review(s)

"Vanilla Shakes Shortfill is a creamy and indulgent treat, delivering the smooth, rich flavor of vanilla blended into a delightful milkshake. It s a vaping experience that s like sipping on a classic dessert, satisfying your sweet cravings with every puff.I want to express my gratitude to iVapeStore for their lightning-fast delivery. Cheers"


Charles . Verified Buyer Review . 10th of October 2023

Vanilla Shakes Shortfill

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Vanilla Shakes Shortfill
Vanilla Shakes Shortfill

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Vanilla Shakes Shortfill
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