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Moreish Puff Twister Lollies

Twister Lollies 50-50 is a type of frozen treat that is sold in the United Kingdom. It consists of a raspberry and lime flavored ice lolly.These two flavors combine to create a unique and refreshing taste, with the raspberry adding a fruity sweetness to the lolly, and the lime adding a tangy zing. The texture is creamy and smooth

Moreish Puff Twister Lollies 50-50 E-liquid
Moreish Puff Twister Lollies 50-50 E-liquid Moreish Puff Twister Lollies 50-50 E-liquid Moreish Puff Twister Lollies 50-50 E-liquid Moreish Puff Twister Lollies 50-50 E-liquid

Moreish Puff Twister Lollies 50-50 E-liquid

Moreish Puff


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Moreish Puff Twister Lollies | £3.95 online shop | iVape Store UK

Twister Lollies 50-50 is a time period that can refer to a kind of e-liquid taste in the vaping industry. Twister Lollies are a famous ice cream deal with that usually incorporates a combination of strawberry, lemon, and lime flavors swirled collectively in a spiral pattern. E-liquid producers have created a flavor.

How long do Twister lollies last?

The Twister, a pineapple, lime, and strawberry beauty that withstood the heat for 45 minutes, is the UK's third favorite lollipop.

What is the best coil for 50 50 Juice?

These coils are suited for usage with propylene glycol (PG)-rich E-liquid, such as nicotine salts and freebase 50/50 E-Liquids.

Can you mix 50 50 vape juice with 70 30?

Yes, you can mix different vape juice ratios, but you must understand how this may alter the overall composition and performance of the mixture. Mixing a 50/50 (50% PG, 50% VG) vape juice with a 70/30 (70% VG, 30% PG) vape juice results in a mixture with an intermediate PG/VG ratio.

Moreish Puff Twister Lollies is now accessible in a 50/50 ratio with freebase nicotine. A fresh combination of strawberries blended with lemon and lime. At first the ripe strawberry notes come through, observed by means of a zesty lemon and lime. A cooling and clean ice cream finish.

A nostalgic ice lolly combines pineapple, lemon and lime ice round a strawberry ice core. Twister is reachable in a 10ml e-liquid with 3mg and 6mg and 12mg and 18mg of nicotine. Moreish Puff is an awesome top rate e-liquid vary supplying flavors to swimsuit everyone's tastes!

Moreish Puff Twister Lollies 50-50 Specifications:

1 Bottle Size: 10ml
2 Nicotine Strength 10mg or 20mg
3 VG / PG 50% VG / 50% PG
4 Recyclable Bottle
5 Flavor Notes: Strawberry, Lemon, Lime, Ice
6 Made in the UK

Moreish Puff Twister Lollies reviews

1 Customer review(s)

"Twister Lollies 50 50 Flavors offer a nostalgic and fun vaping experience, combining the fruity swirls of twister lollipops into a delightful e-liquid blend. It s a burst of childhood memories and sweet flavors in every vape. So I use it a lot and I like it a lot."


Aiden . Verified Buyer Review . 10th of October 2023

Twister Lollies 50-50

Reliable Performance

Twister Lollies 50-50
Twister Lollies 50-50

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Twister Lollies 50-50
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