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Only the Aspire Onixx kit should be used with the Onixx BP vape coils. with a push-and-pull coil swap method, making it simple to use and clean! Onixx BP coils are available in two distinct sizes, 1.0 ohm and 0.6 ohm, and they deliver strong flavors, rich vapor, a finely tuned operating temperature, and a steady fire ramp-up time.

Onixx BP Replacement Coils

Onixx BP Replacement Coils



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Onixx BP Replacement Coils

The Onixx BP Replacement Coils are designed for use with the Aspire Onixx kit only. They come in two different variations of 1.0ohm and 0.6ohm coils, each offering its own unique vaping experience.

Both coils are compatible with a range of e-liquids, but they are best used with 50/50 or high PG e-liquids. This will help to produce the best flavor and vapor production. The Onixx BP Replacement Coils are easy to install and use. Simply remove the old coil and then insert the new one. The coil will then be automatically primed and ready to use.

What coils are compatible with aspire Onixx?

The Aspire Onixx is compatible with the Aspire BP coils, which are available in 0.6- and 1.0-ohm resistances. This beginning package includes two Coils , one in 0.6 ohm and one in 1.0-ohm resistance.

What is BP Coil?

Aspire BP coils work with a variety of Aspire devices. They work well for direct-lung and restricted direct-lung inhalation. Mesh or two shots, Resistance levels to suit various e-liquids and vaping styles.

How many watts is an Aspire BP coil?

Here are some These replacement coils are designed for Aspire BP series devices and come in four resistance options: 0.17 Mesh, 0.3 mesh coil (30-40W), 0.6 normal coil (15-25W), and 1.0 Ohm MTL (10-16W) of the key features of the Axiom M21 Vape Coils:

Onixx BP Replacement Coils specifications:
1 Wide Variety of Resistances
2 Cross-Compatible Aspire Vape Coils
3 Convenient Push-Fit Design

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Onixx BP Replacement Coils

Reliable Performance

Onixx BP Replacement Coils
Onixx BP Replacement Coils

Perfect Fit Compatibility

Onixx BP Replacement Coils
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