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IVG Nic Salts 10ml

IVG Vape has brought you their superb range of nicotine salt e-liquids. IVG Nic salts are made for open pod systems and mouth to lung beginning kits and are intended for smokers who want to quit smoking. There are several flavors to choose from.

IVG Nic Salts 10ml E-liquid
IVG Nic Salts 10ml E-liquid IVG Nic Salts 10ml E-liquid IVG Nic Salts 10ml E-liquid IVG Nic Salts 10ml E-liquid

IVG Nic Salts 10ml E-liquid


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IVG Nic Salts 10ml | £3.99 | 13 Flavours

IVG Nic Salts offer a quick burst of flavor on your taste buds, providing a pleasurable experience with every vape. Each bottle contains 10ml of E-liquid infused with delicious flavors. IVG Nic salts are manufactured in a highly controlled environment, ensuring the highest quality and safety standards. This is why they are considered the best nicotine e-liquid on the market.

Is IVG vape Juice Good?

IVG is proud to have earned the title of Best UK E-liquid Brand in 2019, 2021, and 2022, as well as over 50 international honors.

How much nicotine is in 10ml of Nic salt?

E-liquid has a noticeable amount of nicotine per bottle/disposable. You have 10ml bottles that contain 20mg of nicotine or Nic Salt per ml. To put it another way, a 10ml container provides 200mg of nicotine (10ml x 20mg).

How long should 10ml e-liquid Last?

For a moderate vaper, a 10ml bottle of vape juice will last around a week. Heavy vaper: Someone who vapes more than 15 times a day is considered a heavy vaper. They may take 4-5 puffs per session of vaping. For a heavy vaper, a 10ml bottle of vape juice will only last a few days.

Is 10mg Vape Strong?

Depending on your past smoking habits and nicotine tolerance, 10 mg of nicotine may or may not be a lot for you, but for most people who don't smoke heavily, 10 mg is the sweet spot. One percent nicotine may be too much for some people, especially habitual smokers, while it may be exactly fine for others.

IVG Salt Juice offers a wide range of flavors that are so great that you'll keep coming back for more. IVape Great is considered as one of the best brands for 10ml bottles. This e-liquid has a 50VG/50PG ratio and is best used with starter kits and pod kits. You can customize the flavor according to your desired nicotine strength, which is available in 10mg and 20mg options.

IVG Nic Salts 10ml Flavours:

  1. Apple Berry Crumble
  2. Berry Medley
  3. Blueberg Brust
  4. Bubblegum
  5. Citrus Lemonade
  6. Cinnamon Blaze Chew
  7. Cola Ice
  8. Ice Menthol
  9. Kiwi Lemon Kool
  10. Neon Lime
  11. Peppermint Breeze Chew
  12. Pina colada
  13. Pink Lemonade
  14. Rainbow Blast
  15. Riberry Lemonade
  16. Spearmint Sweets
  17. Tropical Ice Blast
  18. Blue Raspberry
  19. Blue Raspberry
  20. Fresh Lemonade

IVG Nic Salts 10ml Specifications:

1 Bottle Size 10ml
2 Nicotine strengths: 10mg and 20mg
3 VG /PG: 50/50
4 Pod device & Starter Kit compatible
5 Child-Resistance Cap

IVG Nic Salts 10ml reviews

1 Customer review(s)

"IVG Nic salt deliver an amazing flavour on your tongue and bring your satisfaction on each puff. my favourite is aloe vera grape. perfect combination of aloe vera are blended with Crispo grapes."


Christian . Verified Buyer Review . 1st of January 2024

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