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Flexus Blok Replacement Pod

A refilling pod for the Aspire Flexus Blok device is the Aspire Flexus Blok Replacement Pod. These pods are made to be placed into the device after being filled with e-liquid. It has a built-in coil and a 2ml e-liquid capacity. It is a fantastic alternative to disposable pods for vapers who wish to use their own e-liquid.

Flexus Blok Replacement Pod
Flexus Blok Replacement Pod Flexus Blok Replacement Pod Flexus Blok Replacement Pod Flexus Blok Replacement Pod

Flexus Blok Replacement Pod



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Flexus Blok Replacement Pod | £3.99 online shop | iVape Store UK

Flexus Blok replacement pods use press-fit spools, meaning there's no hassle of changing spools. Flexus Blok refill containers are reusable, saving you money and reducing your plastic consumption. This pod is convenient to maintain, you in reality replenish this pod with the aid of the use of the slide to find the fill port on the facet and pinnacle up with your chosen e-liquid. The coils can be modified from the base and are convenient to set up due to their push to in shape design.

What size pod is the Aspire Flexus?

The Flexus Stick vape kit is compatible with the 3ml capacity Aspire Flexus Stik replacement pod. This pod is perfect for making an MTL (mouth to lung) or RDTL (direct to lung) vape because it is made to work with the AF Coils .

How long do Aspire pods last?

When your coil reaches the end of its useful life, the Minican+ offers interchangeable pods in place of non-replaceable coils. Your Minican pod should last between five days and two weeks.

When should I replace my pod?

It's usually time to change your pod when the flavor of the vapor starts to fade. The amount of e-juice left in your pod directly affects how strong each hit is. It's time to get a new pod fitted if the potency starts to decline because your current one is almost empty.

The Flexus Blok Replacement Pod has a 4.0ml E-liquid ability and aspects a backside fill system, making it convenient to replenish with your preferred e-liquid. It additionally makes use of Aspire's proprietary BP coil series, which consists of the BP Mesh and BP RBA coils, presenting an extensive vary of picks to cater to extraordinary vaping styles.

When it comes time to substitute the pod, genuinely dispose of the historic one and insert a new Flexus Blok Replacement Pod. It's an easy technique that ensures a regular and pleasing vaping journey with your Aspire Flexus Blok. Aspire Flexus Blok Replacement Pod is designed for use inside the Flexus Blok Pod Device. This pod can preserve up to 3ml of your preferred e-liquid. The bottom-located fill port approves for a rapid and handy fill and will stop spillages or leaks.

What's inside the box:

1 x Flexus Blok replacement pods

Flexus Blok Replacement Pod Specifications:

1 Capacity Pod: 3ml
2 Side Fill Port
3 Push to Fit Coils
4 Compatible With 50% PG And Higher E-Liquids
5 Uses Aspire Flexus AF Coils

Flexus Blok Replacement Pod reviews

1 Customer review(s)

"Aspire Flexus Blok replacement Pod Kit is a beginner-friendly MTL RDTL pod kit that s ideal for vapers looking for an easy-to-use vape with a long-lasting battery. The device features a sturdy rectangular build, adjustable airflow, dual activation modes (button and auto draw), and a hefty 1200mAh battery.I like this product."


Andrew . Verified Buyer Review . 10th of October 2023

Flexus Blok Replacement Pod

Reliable Performance

Flexus Blok Replacement Pod
Flexus Blok Replacement Pod

Perfect Fit Compatibility

Flexus Blok Replacement Pod
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