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Doozy Vape legends 100ml

Doozy Vape Legends is a range of e-liquids produced by the Doozy Vape Co, which is well-known for its premium vape juices. The Doozy Vape Legends brand offers these e-liquids in larger 100ml bottle sizes. They are great for sub ohm vapers who prefer to inhale directly into their lungs.

Doozy legends 100ml Shortfill E-liquid
Doozy legends 100ml Shortfill E-liquid Doozy legends 100ml Shortfill E-liquid Doozy legends 100ml Shortfill E-liquid Doozy legends 100ml Shortfill E-liquid

Doozy legends 100ml Shortfill E-liquid

Doozy Vape

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Doozy Vape legends 100ml | £9.49 | 15 Flavours | 2 for £18.00

Doozy Vape Legends Range 100ml Shortfill is a compilation of our all-time best-selling flavours from several ranges that have been consolidated into the 1 Legends category due to its longevity. Only the best ingredients and flavors are combined to create an unparalleled vaping experience in a 100ml shortfill bottle. The Legends collection also offers Sweet Treats, which include delectable e-liquid flavors. Doozy Legends has something special to offer that will take your vaping game to the next level!

What Flavour is gummy bear?

The Gummy Bear combines beautifully sweet gummy candy notes with light sugary highlights and excellent blended fruit flavors to create an incredibly pleasurable vape taste with a fruity but sweet exhale.

100ml of e-liquid in a 120ml bottle, with enough volume for up to two nicotine injections. For example, utilizing two 18mg nicotine shots yields 120ml of 3mg e-liquid. This E-liquid has a 70% VG content and is intended for use with sub ohm kits. It produces more vapor and larger clouds for DTL (Direct to Lung) inhalation.

Doozy Legends Vape is a line of shortfills that includes just the most popular flavors from the whole Doozy Vape Co. collection, such as fruity, candy, tobacco, and drink blends.

Seriously Donuts 100ml Flavours:

  1. Rio
  2. Fiji
  3. Pineapple Raspberry Sangria
  4. Pink Haze
  5. Tropicana
  6. Liquid Gold
  7. Golden Elixir
  8. Dream Shake
  9. Cool Crush
  10. Berry Pie
  11. Berry Blast
  12. Gummy Bears
  13. Fizzy Lemon
  14. Bubbly
  15. Apple Chews

Seriously Donuts 100ml Specifications:

Size: 100ml Shortfill E-Liquid
VG/PG: 70/30
Nicotine Strength: 0mg Strength
Space For Two 10ml Nicotine Shots
Created For Sub-Ohm Kits

Doozy Vape legends 100ml reviews

1 Customer review(s)

"The Fizzy Lemon is one of my favorites. This tastes absolutely like sherbet lemon, not too fizzy but meets my taste. Great all-day vape, and I recommend it. Thanks to Ivape store."


Giovanni . Verified Buyer Review . 21st of March 2024

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