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Dinner Lady Tobacco Range 50:50

Dinner Lady 10ml e-liquids come in a variety of nicotine levels, allowing vapers to experience their favorite flavors on a variety of devices. Standardly available in 10ml bottles, vapers can choose from four nicotine concentrations (3mg, 6mg, 12mg, and 18mg) and a wide range of flavors.

Dinner Lady Tobacco Range 50:50 10ml E-liquid
Dinner Lady Tobacco Range 50:50 10ml E-liquid Dinner Lady Tobacco Range 50:50 10ml E-liquid Dinner Lady Tobacco Range 50:50 10ml E-liquid Dinner Lady Tobacco Range 50:50 10ml E-liquid

Dinner Lady Tobacco Range 50:50 10ml E-liquid

Dinner Lady


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Dinner Lady Tobacco Range 50:50 | £4.49 | 6 Flavours

Dinner Lady offers vapers an outstanding selection of over a hundred 50:50 E-liquids, each of which has won awards for its delicious flavor. With nicotine levels ranging from low to high, vapers can enjoy their favorite flavors on any device they choose.

For smokers who are transitioning to vaping, Dinner Lady Tobacco Range offers a range of familiar and diverse flavors. Tobacco-Flavored E-liquids are formulated to imitate the taste of regular tobacco cigarettes, often by blending different tobacco varieties to achieve a rich and satisfying flavor.

How many Cigarettes is 10ml E-liquid?

This is due to the fact that one 10ml bottle is about equal to one hundred traditional tobacco cigarettes. The duration of a 30ml bottle might range from ten days to two or three weeks, contingent on the amount and frequency of use of your e-cigarette device.

Does 50 50 Vape Juice have Nicotine?

A ideal liquid base for blending flavoring and nicotine is created by the 50% PG and 50% VG composition, which produces a lovely combination of clouds, nicotine hit, and mouthwatering flavor.

How many Puffs is 10ml?

Five refills of a vape tank can be obtained from a 10ml bottle, which offers about 3000 puffs. Since the UK only allows liquids containing nicotine to be sold in sizes up to 10ml, 10ml e-liquids and Nic salts are the most popular e-liquids among consumers.

Does Dinner Lady Contain Nicotine?

This product merely has delicious flavors; it doesn't contain any nicotine.

Blending equal parts of PG and VG, Dinner Lady 50:50 E-liquid offers a smooth flavor and a light amount of vapor. With nicotine concentrations of 3, 6, 12, or 18mg, vapers can easily switch between different levels to suit their preferences.

What's inside the box.

1 x Smooth Tobacco 50:50 E-Liquid 10ml

1 x Safety information

Dinner Lady Tobacco 10ml Flavours:

  1. Mint Tobacco
  2. Cafe Tobacco
  3. Caramel Tobacco
  4. Cherry Tobacco
  5. Straight Tobacco
  6. Smooth Tobacco
  7. Original Tobacco

Dinner Lady Tobacco 10ml Specifications:

1 Bottle Size 10ml
2 Nicotine strengths: 3mg, 6mg and 12mg
3 Recyclable bottle, box and safety info.
4 Child-proof Cap
5 Tamper evidence seal

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