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Dinner Lady Fruits 50ml Shortfill

Enhance your vaping experience with Nic Nic's Nicotine Shot in 70VG. Each 10ml container includes 18mg of nicotine, making it simple to attain the desired strength while preserving the flavor intensity of your e-liquid. This nicotine booster, with a 70VG/30PG ratio, is ideal for sub-ohm vaping and direct-to-lung setups.

Dinner Lady Fruits 50ml Shortfill
Dinner Lady Fruits 50ml Shortfill

Dinner Lady Fruits 50ml Shortfill

Dinner Lady

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Dinner Lady Fruits 50ml Shortfill | 4 for £36.00

Dinner Lady is a globally recognized award-winning E-liquid brand known for its exquisite flavor. The Dinner Lady Fruits 50ml Shortfill collection consists of five precisely mixed flavours in the UK. Each bottle is a 50ml shortfill with 10ml of space for adding a nicotine dose as needed. The Fruits range's 70VG/30PG combination makes it ideal for sub-ohm vaping and direct-to-lung (DTL) vaping.

Are Dinner Lady vapes good?

Dinner Lady has truly upped the vaping experience with its creative product line, which tantalizes the memories as much as the taste buds.

What is the flavor of Dinner Lady Purple Rain?

Purple Rain shortfill e-liquid by Dinner Lady was never designed to make you sad, with a mix of deep, dark flavors. On the exhale, a tangy blueberry is balanced by a sweet raspberry and a zesty lemon. Purple Rain shortfill E-liquid is offered in a 50ml bottle with room for a 10ml nicotine dose.

There is room in this 50ml Shortfill Bottle E-Liquid for 10ml of an 18mg nicotine shot, resulting in 60ml of 3mg nicotine intensity.

Dinner Lady 50ml Shortfill Flavours:

  1. Berry Blast
  2. Melon Twist
  3. Pink Berry
  4. Pink Wave
  5. Purple Rain

Dinner Lady 50 ml Shortfill Specifications:

Size: 50ml E-liquid Content in a 60ml Shortfill Bottle
Nic Shots: Space for 1 x 10ml Nicotine shot for 3mg
VG/PG: 70VG/30PG
Nicotine Strength: 0mg
Suitable for Sub Ohm Vaping

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