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Aspire Minican Replacement Pod

Aspire Minican Replacement Pods are specifically engineered to fit the Aspire Minican+ Pod Kit vapouriser. They carry 3mL of vapour e-liquid and have an easy-to-fill bottom design with a plug-covered fill port.

Aspire Minican Replacement Pod Pack of 2
Aspire Minican Replacement Pod Pack of 2 Aspire Minican Replacement Pod Pack of 2 Aspire Minican Replacement Pod Pack of 2 Aspire Minican Replacement Pod Pack of 2

Aspire Minican Replacement Pod Pack of 2



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Aspire Minican Replacement Pod Pack of 2 | £4.49

The Aspire Minican Replacement pods for are only compatible with the Aspire Minican pod kit. Each refillable pod can carry up to 3ml of e-liquid and produces a modest amount of vapour, allowing for mouth-to-lung vaping. We recommend using this pod with a high-PG e-liquid that has 60% or more PG.

How long do the pods last in the Aspire Minican?

You should expect your Minican pod to last between 5 and 2 weeks. To avoid early coil burning, always prime your coil by filling the pod and allowing e-liquid to soak into the coil before vaping.

How do I refill my Aspire Minican?
  1. To remove the pod, pull it out.
  2. lift the silicone cap at the bottom to add e-liquid. After filling
  3. firmly insert the silicone seal and place the pod, which will be magnetically attached to the device.

When should I change my Aspire Minican Pod?

Aspires Minican Pods Kit is a highly user-friendly vape that would be ideal for new vapers because it lacks buttons and settings to confuse things. The Aspire Minican Pod (from which you vape) is disposable, so after around 20 refills of its 3mL E-liquid capacity, you replace it with a brand-new pod.

Refilling is a straightforward and clean process thanks to the removable silicon stopper, which also prevents leaks when the pod is used and stored. Each pod can be refilled several times before having to be changed.

What's in the box:

2 x Aspire Minican Replacement Pods

Aspire Minican Replacement Pods Specifications:

Capacity: 3ml
Pack Size: 2 Pack
Supports Mouth to Lung Vaping
Compatible with High PG E-Liquid


Aspire Minican Replacement Pod reviews

1 Customer review(s)

"Fantastic website with a large stock, reasonable pricing, and incredibly fast delivery. Thanks."


Grayson . Verified Buyer Review . 30th of January 2024

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