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The Aspire AVP Pro Replacement Pod is the original refillable pod cartridge for the AVP Pro Pod System, with a 4.0ml pod capacity, bottom filling design, and AVP Pro Coil compatibility. The AVP Pro Pod also includes a 0.65ohm mesh coil for a speedy start.

Aspire AVP Pro Replacement Pod Single Pack

Aspire AVP Pro Replacement Pod Single Pack



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Aspire AVP Pro Replacement Pod

The Aspire AVP Pro Replacement pods will enhance your Aspire AVP experience. The mesh coil technique enables speedy heating and produces great flavor and enormous clouds. The plug-and-play simplicity of the Aspire Replacement capsules makes installation a breeze, and the oil's natural terpenes create a wonderful taste. These Pods have magnetic connections and adjustable airflow for easy customization and a comfortable inhale. The Aspire AVP Pro Replacement Pod is a versatile option that works with both conventional and salt-Nic juices.

How long do Aspire AVP coils last?

With proper care, the AVP Pro 0.65-ohm coil should last for at least a week, while the 1.15-ohm coil can last up to two weeks.

How do I refill my Aspire AVP pro?
  1. Pull the pod out of the main body of the AVP.
  2. Invert the pod and insert the filling bottle tip into the self-sealing pod's filling hole.
  3. Squeeze the filling bottle to add your choice E-liquid to the pod system.

What does the color mean on Aspire AVP?

The Aspire AVP Pro Pod Kit also includes a battery indicator that appears when you smoke on it. If it illuminates green, the battery is 3.8 volts or higher. Blue symbolizes 3.5 to 3.8 volts. Red indicates that you have fewer than 3.5 volts remaining.

The AVP Pro Replacement pod kit elegant design makes inserting the cartridge both efficient and hassle-free due to the magnetic connection. This replacement pod also includes a coil removal tool, so users may easily replace Coils.

What's in the box:

1 x Aspire Replacement Pods.

1 x User Manual

Aspire Replacement pods Specifications:

1 Capacity: 4ml
2 Refillable
3 Bottom Push To Fill Valve Method
4 Interchangeable Coils

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"This capability is ideal for me. It is of excellent quality and durability. Thanks to Ivape Store."


Jasper . Verified Buyer Review . 29th of January 2024

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