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Innokin Ajax Coils

With the Innokin AJAX Tank, which is included with the MVP5 kit, the Innokin AJAX Coils are intended for use. the heating element has micro-grooves in a mesh-like pattern to increase the surface area available for vaporizing your e-liquids.

Innokin Ajax Coils
Innokin Ajax Coils Innokin Ajax Coils Innokin Ajax Coils Innokin Ajax Coils

Innokin Ajax Coils



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Innokin Ajax Coils | £8.99 online shop | iVape Store UK

The Ajax Coils are a product of Innokin and are designed for use with the Ajax tank. They are available in two resistances, 0.16ohm and 0.35ohm, and both offer excellent flavor and vapor production. The Coils feature a mesh heating element, which ensures even heat distribution and enhances the flavor of your E-liquid.

What coils are Compatible with the Ajax tank?

The Innokin Ajax coils are compatible with the Innokin Ajax Tank, MVP 5 Kit, and Proton Mini Ajax Kit. Both the 0.16ohm and 0.35ohm coils are intended to provide intense flavor and increased cloud creation.

the Ajax Coils are a great option for vapers looking for excellent flavor and vapor production. They are long-lasting and compatible with a variety of devices. However, some users have reported dry hits, and the coils can be a bit expensive.

Here are some tips for maximizing the life of your Ajax Coils:

Prime the coils before use.

Use high-quality e-liquids.

Change the coils regularly.

Store the coils in a cool, dry place.

Ajax Coils Features:

  1. Mesh heating element for even heat distribution and enhanced flavor
  2. Large wicking holes for efficient e-liquid absorption
  3. Long-lasting coils
  4. Excellent flavor and vapor production


  1. Great flavor and vapor production
  2. Long-lasting coils
  3. Compatible with a variety of devices

Innokin Ajax Coils reviews

1 Customer review(s)

"Innokin Proton Mini Ajax Coils are a flavor enthusiast s dream, ensuring rich and consistent taste with every puff. These coils elevate your vaping experience to new heights. So I use it a lot and I like it a lot, and I want to express my gratitude to iVapeStore for their lightning-fast delivery."


Elsie . Verified Buyer Review . 11th of October 2023

Ajax Coils

Reliable Performance

Ajax Coils
Ajax Coils

Perfect Fit Compatibility

Ajax Coils
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