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The Geek vape A Series coils are suitable for the Geek vape Z MTL tank only. Never forget to prime fresh coils. Install the coil, add a few drops of vape juice, and wait five minutes before using. By doing this, you may prevent dry hits and coil burning by making sure the coil is wet.

A Series Replacement Coils

A Series Replacement Coils

Geek Vape


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A Series Replacement Coils

The Geek vape A Series Replacement Coils are designed for the Geek vape Z MTL Tank. They feature a mesh coil design for increased surface area and better flavor. The coils are also easy to install and have a long lifespan. The two resistance options available are 1.2ohm and 0.8ohm. The 1.2ohm coil is best suited for mouth-to-lung vaping, while the 0.8ohm coil is better suited for direct-to-lung vaping.

What is the average life of a coil?

A coil's lifespan can range from 1-4 weeks depending on frequency and intensity of use, but utilizing excessively sweet nicotine solutions will reduce your coil's lifespan to just a few days. The Coils are rated for 8-12W and 12-16W, respectively. It is import.

Here are some additional details about the coils:

  1. The mesh coil design provides a large surface area for the e-liquid to vaporize, resulting in better flavor.
  2. The plug-and-play installation makes it easy to change coils.
  3. The long lifespan means that you can get more use out of each coil.

If you are looking for a great coil for your Geek vape Z MTL Tank, then the Geek vape a Series Replacement Coils are a great option. They provide great flavor, are easy to install, and have a long lifespan.

1 Material: Kanthal A1
2 Power range: 8-12W and 12-16W Feather cotton
3 Compatibility: Geek vape Z MTL Tank
4 Packaging: 5 coils per pack
5 Mesh coil design for increased surface area and better flavor
6 Plug-and-play installation
7 Long lifespan
8 Easy to install, relatively inexpensive.

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A Series Replacement Coils reviews

1 Customer review(s)

"A Series Replacement Coils is the best coils. A Series Replacement Coils are a vaper s dream, offering top-tier performance and compatibility for a range of devices. Elevate your vaping experience with these reliable and versatile coils. I like this product."


Neil Smith . Verified Buyer Review . 11th of October 2023

A Series Replacement Coils

Reliable Performance

A Series Replacement Coils
A Series Replacement Coils

Perfect Fit Compatibility

A Series Replacement Coils
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