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Top-rated E-cigarette brands in the UK

June 23, 2023

Vaping has become increasingly popular in recent years. The number of e-cigarette users grew from approximately 700,000 in 2012 to 4.3 million in 2022, as per the August 2022 survey findings of the “Action on Smoking and Health” organisation in the UK.

Top-rated E-cigarette brands in the UK

Unleash the ultimate vaping experience with these top E-cigarette brands that are most popular in 2023

Vaping has become increasingly popular in recent years. The number of e-cigarette users grew from approximately 700,000 in 2012 to 4.3 million in 2022, as per the August 2022 survey findings of the “Action on Smoking and Health” organisation in the UK. This dynamic growth in the vaping population was met with equal enthusiasm by vape brands, resulting in hundreds of e-cigarette reviews online only to add more to your dilemma of choosing there one that suits you the most. This blog will break down the most popular E-cigarette brands and vape pod kits with high ratings that you will love. You would have spotted them on social media, and your peers might even be raving about them but that’s what has led to the confusion. Which one is the best for me? What fits my budget? Which one has the highest rating? Let's just bust it all one brand at a time.


Aspire has become a known brand to revolutionise the e-cigarette industry with its innovative and technologically advanced vaping products. Their “Flexus” series of vaping pods rightfully has the slogan “fits into your lifestyle”. It has amazing coil technology, and an ergonomic design for better grip and comes in the base as well as striking bright colours to suit your individual style.

We would highly recommend trying out their “Flexus Q Pod Kit” If you’re a beginner and looking for e-cigarette starter kits. This small device has a lot packed into it to give you an amazing experience. It comes with pre-filled juice pods leaving you with no hassle to refill the tank and holds a 2ml capacity. The best and highest-rated feature of this device is it has dual air-flow control which means you can switch it from MTL to RTDL and use it as per your desire. With its 3-level power adjustment, you can play around with it and explore different vaping styles as well. There is also an option to slightly upgrade from the Flexus series and try out the Favostix series. Unlike Flexus, the “Favostix Pod” comes with a refillable tank system, which comes with pre-filled juice pods. The choice really gets versatile making Aspire one of the best e-cigarette brands out there

You can check the Favostix pod kit here retailing for just £16.49 or the Flexus Q vape starter kit here retailing for just £14.99


One of the world’s leading vaping manufacturers, Innokin is known for its environment-friendly packaging and mission to reduce cigarette sales worldwide. Vapers looking for a complete MTL vaping experience look no further because the “Endura T22 series” has won several E-cigarette awards in 2022 in this category. It is no shock given its all-in-one features, leaving users satisfied and with many positive e-cigarette reviews.

It is a Mod system that comes with a 2000mAh battery capacity and an advanced safety micro-USB cable charging point, so safe that their website literally says “vape while charging” for people who prefer an uninterrupted vaping experience. A 4.5ml-sized Pyrex glass tank ensures a full day of use without the need to refill. The ability to bring multiple features at affordable prices has made Innokin one of the most famous e-cigarette brands within the vape scene.

There is an option to upgrade for professional and heavy vapers with the T22 kit and opt for “Endura T22 PRO” which comes with 4-level power adjustment for an unmatched professional vaping experience along with all the existing features of the T22 E-cigarette starter kit.

You can check out the Innokin T22 kit here retailing for just £25.99


One of the most famous social media brands is Geekvape. It is no surprise since they offer content creators active opportunities through their TikTok program and “The GeekLAB Project” a non-disclosure private community of vapers from around the world. Their designs are astonishingly edgy looking and which is why tech-savvy people enjoy using their products due to their design and functionality. Geekbar was also one of the highest-sold brands in the “Disposable pod” category as per “Action on smoking and health” 2022 survey findings on adult smokers in the UK. You really must be living under a rock to not know about them.

Apart from all the glamour, the brand stays true to its promise of delivering the most durable devices. Some of them even look like a weapon straight out of a sci-fi movie but that’s what makes them so desirable to the trendy GenZ and Millennial users. The “Aegis series” has some of the most advanced box mod system vaping devices suitable for advanced and complex vapers. The Aegis Legend 2 e-cigarette starter kits have also won the best box mod award in 2022. It is the second generation of Tri-proof technology in the Aegis series and comes with an A-lock technology to protect the device when not in use. The device can stand extreme weather conditions ranging from -20 to up to 50 degree Celsius, making it the best choice of E-cigarette starter kit for travellers and fast-moving lifestyle users.

Some other novelty features include a flip cover charging point, a 1.08” full screen and an engraved metallic logo encompassing the refined leather grip making this really stand out from its competing E-cigarette brands with a similar style of devices.

You can check out the Geekvape Aegis Legend kit here retailing for just £48.59 covering all bases than most e-cigarette brands with high ratings.

To sum it all up, when it comes to e-cigarette reviews, you really need to be looking for which brand resonates the most with your own style of vaping. It surely gets to a point where you get curious to try out different things but with vaping the goal is really to explore until you find what fits in your hand beautifully like a glove and gives you smoke clouds for days with no glitches in vaping experience. If you’re a beginner pod style e-cigarette starter kits are a great way to explore, if your intermediary mods with more features are probably what you may want to try and if you’re a professional, box mods might just be your thing.

If you still haven’t zeroed down on your pick, you can browse our complete range of popular e-cigarette brands including the ones in this list by just clicking here

Even as we write this, e-cigarette brands are innovating and evolving very rapidly, while these are the reigning warriors at the moment, the throne is anyone’s to take to win the ultimate tag for the best e-cigarette on the market. The fight isn’t just to become the highest-rated e-cigarette brand but to bring vape users along on an explorative journey together filled with unexpected technological advancements in the future.

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