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The Ultra Morden Addition in Disposable Vape: IVG 2400

November 29, 2023

The IVG 2400 is the first TPD-compliant 2400-puff disposable vape available in the UK. This disposable is more cost-effective and environmentally friendly than the standard 2ml vape because it has an 8ml capacity and a large battery.

Since its start, the disposable vaporizer market has experienced tremendous growth. All owing to the producers of vape devices nowadays. The disposable vape business has seen a full transformation due to several of well-known firms. Their vape gadgets are now more user-friendly due to the careful integration of cutting-edge technologies. The IVG 2400 is one such vape gadget that has fascinated and won over vapers.

IVG 2400 Disposable Vape:

The IVG 2400 is the first TPD-compliant 2400-puff disposable vape available in the UK. This disposable is more cost-effective and environmentally friendly than the standard 2ml vape because it has an 8ml capacity and a large battery. Let's examine the device in more detail.

What Do You Need to Know About IVG 2400?

The IVG 2400 is an unusual 4-chamber Disposable vapes gadget that provides users with about 2400 puffs each kit. The four chambers design allows you to carry four distinct pods in one disposable vape device, each prefilled with 2ml with 20mg Nic salt.

Increases Battery Life and Puff Count:

A 1500mAh non-rechargeable battery powers the amazing throwaway vape device. With its outstanding four-in-one pods, the device provides perfect performance. Each pod contains a mesh coil that evenly heats the e-juice and provides great vapour and flavor hits. The 1500mAh battery should be enough for most vapers, but heavier users may drain it before finishing all of the pods. Finally, battery life is highly related to E-liquid capacity.

IVG achieves the ideal balance of battery life and juice volume by incorporating a rotational pod mechanism into an enlarged yet small automatic disposable shape. The IVG 2400 maximizes both in a small, easy-to-use design.

Flavour Profile IVG 2400:

The IVG 2400 Puffs Disposable Vape kit comes in a variety of tantalizing flavors. Each flavor provides distinct notes. Over 20 Nic salt flavors are available, ranging from crisp minty mixtures to rich tobacco variants. After trying several options, you will be impressed by the accuracy and complexity. Four diverse flavor vape pods will definitely tickle your taste buds. If you don't want several flavor combinations in these pods, you can choose a single flavor. You can, for example, purchase the IVG 2400 Grape Ice flavor in all four pods and vape all day.

Top 5 IVG 2400 Flavors:

  1. Multi Flavor Blue Edition
  2. Lemon Lime
  3. Fizzy Cherry
  4. Blue Raspberry Ice
  5. Blueberry Fusion

Multi Flavour Blue Edition:

This flavor assortment includes four berry-focused options: Blue Raspberry Ice, Blue Fusion, Ice Pop, and Professor Blue. It covers a wide range of flavors, from candy sweet to sour and fruity. The blue raspberry is sweeter, while the Blue fusion tastes like freshly gathered berries. Professor blue fascinates with botanical overtones while the ice popsicle flavor cools the tongue. Immerse your palate in this wheel of berry profiles.

Lemon Lime:

The initial burst of zesty lemon stimulates the senses, reminiscent of sunlight streaming through lemon groves. The lime follows the sharpness on your palate, somewhat sweet, a little tart, and oh-so-invigorating. The final note of ice brings the experience to a close like a cool breeze among the citrus trees, leaving a wonderfully sharp aftertaste.

Fizzy Cherry:

On a wonderful summer day, indulge in recollections of sipping a sparkling cherry cola leisurely. The profile reflects the essence of ripe cherry - a balletic interplay between sweet and bitter. Every puff of the frivolous fizz offers a spray of playfulness, evocative of those first crackling swallows from a freshly opened glass bottle. A light frost on the coating resembles beads of moisture running down the glass.

Blue Raspberry Ice:

The blue raspberry is sweet and tangy, evocative of the prized blue candy of yesteryear.  Each puff feels like you're unwrapping a sweet treat, with the flavor erupting in your mouth. The ice layer serves as a frosted window into a realm of remembrance, imparting a crystalline coldness that sharpens the blue raspberry's playful charm.

Blueberry Fusion:

The primary blueberry aroma is deep and real, like picking fresh berries while still drenched in the morning mist. This flavor has depth, capturing both the sweetness and the subtle acidity of fresh blueberries. The cold note is the remaining mist as the sun rises, a delightful coolness that fits the warmth of the berry flavor nicely.

How to Use IVG 2400 Disposable vape:

Step 1: Discard the Packaging:

Remove everything from the packing, including the bottom sticker and the rubber plug in the mouthpiece. Take the pods out of their blister package.

IVG 2400 puffs disposable vape

Step 2: Insert Your Pods:

Next, open the device's lid and insert all of your pods, making sure the connecting ends are facing down. Change the mouthpiece.

IVG 2400 puffs disposable vape

Step 3: Swap Pods by Rotating:

Lift and spin the top half of the device until it lines with the next number, then twist the mouthpiece until the arrow aligns with the number on the base.

IVG 2400 puffs disposable vape

Is the IVG 2400 legal in the United Kingdom?

Yes, it's a highly fascinating and unique workaround for present legislation, and it's been tested and certified for sale by all relevant government organizations, just like all legal UK disposable vapes.

How Big Is the Disposable Vape IVG 2400?

The captivating vape pen has an easy-to-grip cylindrical shape. It is not heavy or bothersome even though it does contain the four pods. IVG did a fantastic job creating this gem. They have carefully considered the demands of their customers when designing the IVG 2400 disposable vape pen. You can use this compact, portable vape pen whenever it's convenient for you.

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