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Can You Add Anything to Vape Juice? Exploring Customization Options | iVape

August 4, 2023

As one of the leading companies in the UK specializing in vapes, pods, and e-smoking, iVapes is dedicated to providing a comprehensive vaping experience to our customers. When it comes to vape juice, also known as e-liquid, many vapers wonder if they can add anything to enhance or customize their vaping experience. In this article, we will explore the possibilities and answer the question, "Can you add anything to vape juice?" Let's dive in!

Flavor Enhancements

Vape Juice Flavour Shots:

Flavor shots are concentrated additives that can be added to vape juice to enhance or modify its taste. They are available in various flavours such as fruits, desserts, menthol, and more. Consider trying different flavour shots to personalize your vaping experience.

DIY Flavor Mixing:

Some vapers enjoy creating their own unique flavour combinations by mixing different vape juice flavours. This allows for endless customization possibilities and the ability to tailor the taste to your preferences. However, it's important to follow proper mixing guidelines and use high-quality ingredients.

Nicotine Customization

Nicotine Boosters:

For vapers who want to increase or decrease the nicotine strength of their vape juice, nicotine boosters are available. These concentrated nicotine solutions can be added to your vape juice to achieve the desired nicotine level. It's important to handle nicotine with care and follow safety guidelines.


Nicotine Salts:

Another option for nicotine customization is using nicotine salts. Nicotine salts provide a smoother throat hit and are known for faster nicotine absorption. They are available in various strengths and can be added to your vape juice or used in specific pod systems designed for nicotine salts.

While it's possible to add enhancements and customize your vaping experience, it's essential to approach it with care and follow proper guidelines. At iVapes, we offer a wide range of vape juice flavours, flavor shots, and nicotine customization options to suit every vaper's preferences.

Our knowledgeable staff in our physical stores across the UK and our online platform are here to assist you in finding the perfect vape products. Explore the possibilities, experiment with different customization options, and enjoy a vaping experience that is uniquely yours. Trust iVapes for all your vaping needs, and let us help you create the ultimate personalized vaping experience.

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